Summer Tasting @ the winery

Come and taste our wines. You will be welcomed in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Let's talk about wines, how they are made , our story and which places to visit. 

Summer Tasting @ the winery

Come and taste our wines. You will be welcomed in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Let's talk about wines, how they are made , our story and which places to visit. 

Tenuta Ca’Lufera
micro winery

Welcome at Tenuta Ca’Lufera, our micro winery where we are fully committed to the art of winemaking. Our love for wine goes as deep as our respect for Italy, the country that offers the richest mineral grounds to produce our excellent wines. We are small and wish to remain so. When it comes to our wine quality overrules quantity, always. Our philosophy of exclusivity and limited edition guarantees a consistent taste. We extend that belief to the production of our own olive oil, making sure you get to use only the best.

Denominazione Lugana

Our vineyard spreads over a hill, south of Lake Garda. It is part of the Lugana appellation situated at the Lombardy-Veneto border. Our grounds are rich in minerals, thanks to the rocks from the ancient glacier that passed through the Adige valley. Fertile grounds and the microclimate created by the proximity to Lake Garda offer the perfect combination to grow excellent vines. The grapes owe their intense flavour to the mild temperature and humidity of the region.


Our vineyards are much older than our micro winery. The Lugana and Merlot vineyards are over 40 years old. We have invested in a new vineyard, providing us with a mix of Syrah, Incrocio Manzoni and Sauvignon Blanc.

Discover our
precious wine

Bianco Lugana

Lugana DOC
Trebbiano di Lugana

This wine is made from pure Trebbiano di Lugana grapes, harvested from a vineyard which is over 40 years old.


The colour is straw yellow with light greenish reflections, on the nose fruity scents emerge, with a pleasant citrus finish and balsamic nuances to give elegance. In the mouth it is savoury, persistent and pleasantly balanced.


Monte Zecchino

A wine that, through a very light maceration of red grapes, reveals itself with delicately fruity aromas and floral hints. The rosato is pleasantly harmonious and savoury on the palate. Its characteristic is its powdery pink colour.

Rosso Ottantadue

Garda Doc

WineHunter Award 2023!

Named after the year the vineyard was planted. This merlot wine is obtained from exclusively 
selected grapes. After a slow fermentation in steel barrels the wine is matured in French oak barrels for 12/18 months. Rubi red in colour , it pervades with aromas of cherry and small fruits elegantly balanced by ellagic hints. It feels velvety in the mouth and has a rich taste.


Vino Botritizzato

Only 500 numbered bottles!

Patience is a virtue. Patience for the right moment to harvest, patience during the slow fermentation, patience during the refinement in the cellar. The final tasting wil decide to interrupt the chain and and let time slow down in the bottle.
Essenza, born by a fermentation of 
grapes that have concentrated juice due to the​
attack of noble mold (Botrytis Cinerea) in particular microclimatic conditions. Intense 
perfumes that remind of yellow/white peach
merged with sweet hints of honey blend in 
harmony to an amazing taste. Crystalline yellow in color.

extra virgin
olive oil

Experience the purest olive oil with an unimaginable taste and perfume. We take a firm stand in keeping everything clean, just as Mother Nature intended. Chemicals are absolutely out of the question. We grow different types of olives, which we use in our olive oil. We combine different types of olives to create the perfect blend and a differentiating taste. No dilution, only pure olive oil at Tenuta Ca’Lufera.


Our olives are always hand-picked, which resembles our constant search for absolute quality. Recognizing the exact right time to pick an olive is truly a form of art. The darker an olive gets, the less taste it releases. Therefore, we keep a close eye on any colour changes, so we can react quickly when the olives are ready for the picking. We also choose first cold pressing, because we want to make sure the olive oil keeps its nutritional value. Discover the filtered and unfiltered version.

Discover our olive oil

Filtered olive oil

Extra vergine

You can lift any dish to the next level by using the Tenuta Ca'Lufera olive oil. Use our filtered olive oil for both warm and cold dishes. You can even use it to fry, stir-fry, sauté or bake. The best way to experience the unique taste of our olive oil? Buy it and try it for yourself. You will not regret it!

Unfiltered olive oil

Extra vergine
Non Filtrato

Nothing can be compared to freshly pressed unfiltered olive oil. This type of oil looks cloudy, greener and has an unparalleled taste. Imagine picking an olive straight from the tree, pressing it between your fingers and eating it. Put a few drops on a piece of bread, add a little salt and be amazed. This version of our olive oil must be used within 3 months after bottling and is only available in limited quantity. Pre-order our unfiltered olive oil and experience the amazing taste for yourself.

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